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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  January 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>>le >> good morning it is 6:00 a.m. saturday january 3 here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." we have new information on a blaze that hurt three people and left two dozen homeless. except to dig deeper into your wallet if you take the pennsylvania turnpike. details on a new increase. soggy saturday, it's a chilly start before the rain moves in and some very warm
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weather before the temperatures plummet. meteorologist chris sowers joins us with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. i don't like the sound of any of that. >> reporter: you're not going to be too happy with the seven-day forecast. let's go live on sky 6. we have quick changes and lots of them. it all starts today. rightright now we're clear temperatures have plummeted with the clear skies the clouds are moving in from the southwest and quickly on its heels is a little bit of moisture. we have several colors on storm tracker 6 live double scan this morning all of them representing different forms of precipitation. greens yellows representing the rains, some of it heavy at times across the virginias. we start picking up this blue shade that's a wintry mix it's either snow and sleet or sleet and freezing rain. some form of wintry prei happen sip sayings. all this is pushing east and moving into the old air.
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the national weather service has wintry weather advisory in effect. we'll have frozen precipitation there. the precipitation will begin as snow or sleet or freezing rain in these areas here before changing over to all rain before the day wears on. 22 in reading, 25 in lancaster wilmington 33. we're starting to warm already, lancaster we're up to 25. we're freezing in philadelphia. 32 and 28 degrees in millville. for today rain developing beginning as a wintry mix well north and west, 43 degrees is the forecasted high. as you can see here it's a gray and gloomy afternoon periods of rain, some of it will be heavy at times temperatures climbing through the 40s, when i come back in just a little bit we'll talk about the wintry precipitation and i'll have it all for you on future tracker 6 and the colder changes in the forecast. someone shot a young man in
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the head in strawberry mansion. police are questioning two men investigators are looking for a third man. no word on who pulled the trigger and what led up to. the victim was pronounced at temperature university hospital. two people are hospitalized after being injured from a fire in southwest philadelphia. flames broke out in a row home on 68 woodland avenue, the fire spread to two adjoining homes. >> he with encountered a lot of fire but it was under control in 20 minutes. the firefighters did a great job. >> police officers helped get people out. the 70-year-old man was burned. him woman hurt her leg. no word on what the third person is being treated for. the american red cross said it is offering shelter and clothing
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to 19 residents affected by the fire. fire officials are trying to figure out the cause of the fire. a man has been charged with attacking and sexually assaulting a woman in a spring garden parking garage. the happened at 17th and callowhill streets. authorities say 32-year-old stephen woodson followed the woman into the garage, where he allegedly robbed her and beat her anxious. he -- when she woke up, he demanded that she remove her clothing and he sexually assaulted her. he was placed under arrest. a bucks county man is behind bars. >> reporter: "action news" with
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18-year-old michael she willy always he entered bensalem police to surrender. now charged with homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter after police say he hit and killed a bensalem high sophomore tried to get on the bus. >> there's no doubt on my mind that he went through a school bus that had the lights activated. >> reporter: she willy admitted seeing bus lights and braked after a kid ran by. he stayed at the scene according to an affidavit he told police, quote i think i killed her and admitted his 1984 bronco is not registered and no insurance and counterfeit inspection stickers, the speedometer and defroster were not working. i had basically tunnel vision. the family watched him in his
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arrangement visibly up set. his friends and family came in his support. >> michael feels balanced for the death of someone who is a classmate of his. >> when the facts come out, it will be clear what happened. he wasn't intoxicated he wasn't high. >> the family is devastated. i'm hoping today is the first part of the healing process that the justice system can take its course. >> reporter: is shelly is charged with overtaking the school bus and reckless endangerment for the other children who were at the school bus stop. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> authorities in houston texas are trying to figure out if police were targeted in a deadly crash. a does an ran into the back of a
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police cruiser. the does an flipped over the retaining wall and fell below. police say the passenger in the crash called the police that morning and said he would kill any officer who tried to arrest him. happening today mourners will pay their respects to slain new york police officer wenjian liu, liu and is partner were killed last month by a man who targeted police. remain -- rafael ramos was buried last week. wenjian liu's funeral was held until his family could fly in from china to new york. funeral services were held for a ten-year-old boy who was hit and killed by a police car. matt that youckloskey was
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laid to rest in gloucester county. >> i would like to say they are holding up well, but they are not. >> reporter: matt that you was on his way to a sleepover last sunday when a franklin township police cruiser hit him as he crossed the road. the officer is on paid leave while the prosecutor investigates whether the lights and siren were on and the circumstances of that crash. if you're driving on the pennsylvania turnpike, a 5% hike will take effect at midnight to pay for projects around the state. john rawlins has more. >> reporter: on work days, roughly 120,000 vehicles travel the turnpike between 9 blue route and fort washington. drivers will be paying a nickel to a dime or more for that short
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trip depending if they pay e-z pass or cash. >> it's not something i think about. >> reporter: it's not a game changer for you. >> no, i imagine if i was a commuter using it everyday, i would be much more concerned. >> reporter: 5.20 is what this daily commuter pays. would he consider a different route you? >> i don't know how i would go, how i would get to it, without the turnpike. i don't know. >> reporter: come sunday there will have been seven toll hikes in seven years. seven years ago harrisburg used the turnpike as it's own cash cow. unless the law is changed it is expected annual toll hikes will continue into the foreseeable future. >> cars cost a lot of money to support, there's no getting around it.
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>> reporter: john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> there's much more to come on "action news," saturday morning. a local orchestra helps out a backgrounds music for a disney classic. snowy mess, dozens of cars are involved in this pileup on a snow covered road in the far northeast. chris. >> reporter: winter weather advisory has been issued for the far western suburbs for snow sleet and eventually going over to rain and tomorrow the temperatures are normal for the middle of april. i'll have the details when we come right back.
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>> sudden snow squalls caused a massive traffic mess on a new hampshire highway yesterday morning. police said 35 vehicles were involved in two separate pileups. one of the crashes involved a tractor-trailer truck after a vehicle slid underneath it. there were injuries, but none were life threatening. that's crazy. >> reporter: freak event. when you looked at the radar, a little blip of a snow squall came through and it dropped the visibility from ten miles to basically nothing in a snap of a finger. we're expecting winter precipitation here, as well, not like that, but just enough to notice sleet or freezing rain
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north of the city. there's the view, you can see how quiet we are skies are clear, storm tracker 6 live double scan for the most part is clear. we are starting to pick up a little bit of light rain down so the is on the t -- south central and southern portions of delaware and the bay. we have colors highlighted in lavender color goes into effect 9:00 a.m. it will stay in effect until 6:00 p.m. for snow, sleet arena freezing rain. if you see the wintry precipitation, it will go over to rain always the temperatures aloft are warmer than what we're seeing down here. these temperatures are already climbing. oxford, 29. pilots 22. martins creek 24. center city, 29. glassboro, 29. last hour you were at 22. of the numbers are quickly jumping.
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buena 28. gandys beach 28. avalon 35. everybody is above freezing off to the south that's where the air mass is coming from. it's cold right now. as the precipitation gets going it will quickly go over to rain. satellite and radar showing the mixed bag across the mason dixon line. it's all rain to the south across the virginias and the carolinas. we have another great lakes cutter pulling to the northwest of chicago and southern provinces of canada. of it will drag a warm front along with it. it will slam into new england in the next 24 to 36 hours. whatever winter precipitation we get north and west, it will quickly go over to rain. we get a break in the action and another round pulls through with the cold front. the temperature soar to the 60s southwesterly breeze. this is true arctic air behind the front. we'll see temperatures bitter
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cold across the region. it will not rival the polar vortex but what we saw last winter but it will be the coldest air we've seen so far this season. showers start out starting out a mixed bag north and west of the lehigh valley and the poconos. everybody is over to rain by mid afternoon. some of it comes down heavy at times. by evening time, we catch a break in the action, this is 8:30 heavy weather north and west patchy fog and patchy drizzle and embedded showers that's about it. there's the cold front behind it. the temperature drop off a cliff. brief mix from the pennsylvania turnpike areas north and west, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. sleet freezing rain, could be slick spots out there but it's not going to be that big of a deal. allentown, we start out as the wintry mix noon, 1:00 p.m. over to rain, 36 degrees, atlantic city, temperatures are above freezing you're up to
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47 degrees later on, you'll call it mild with rain developing for philadelphia. 43 degrees rain at times again beginning north and west, winds out of the north northeast 5 to 10. temperatures will climb after midnight showers around, 38, 42 that comes early. temperatures closing in on 50 by tomorrow morning. we're up to 64 degrees that's normal are for the middle of april. that's tomorrow's high. monday colder, 39. a clipper system comes through and could lay down snow in parts of the area. 32 degrees wednesday very cold 29, windchills in the teens, thursday, windchills in the teens friday partly sunny 33. you've got everything in the forecast. >> anything you don't like wait until the next thing comes. >> reporter: if you don't like it wait a couple of minutes it will change. don't forget you can take
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life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups. >> there's another recall for general motors adding to the more than 2 million cars. the automaker recalled 92,000 trucks and suvs being recalled for defects in ignition lock problems that can happen in hot conditions. the recalls are in 2007 and 2014 models that were repaired with defective parts. it can make turning the key difficult when it's hot inside the cab. so far no reported crashes or injuries reported. apple may be a victim of its own success.
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89 iphone 6 plus are eating into the tablet sales. sales of the ipads have declined 12.7%. tablets in general have suffered from market saturation as well as competitions from smart phones with larger screens. a.m. -- amazon said it attracted ten million new members and plans to offer one hour shipping to more cities this year. prime members get free two day shipping and free streaming of select moves. the internet retailer has never disclosed the precise number of prime subscribers.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:25 saturday morning the day planner looks gray and gloomy that's for sure. temperatures on the cold side. 8:00 31 degrees, north and west upper 20s. cloudy skies 11:00 moisture moving in. rain in the city, 1:00, 42 shooting for a high of 43. which is close to average. the only issues is north and west of the city. we'll see a brief period of a wintry mix probably sleet and freezing rain around 9:00 lasting through the afternoon. there could slick spots out there, but that's not that big of a deal. here's philadelphia, the wintery mix would be for areas north of the pennsylvania turnpike. our far northwestern suburbs
6:26 am
even here, us -- you guys up here, as well are changing to rain. >> the eagles give chip kelly more power, jeff skeverski has it all. >> reporter: it's now charles in charge. chip kelly has complete control over all player personnel decisions, the roster, the draft, free agency and trades. and howie roseman is no longer gm after front office shake up. eagles owner said kelly did not make any threats or demands in the meetings, but roseman will no longer be involved in player valuations he'll manage the salary cap and negotiate contracts as the vice president of football operations. this comes less than a week after lori said roseman said he would be back as gm, but lori admits he changed his mind. he believes the team is in
6:27 am
better hands with chip running the show. he said i have a good relationship with chip that continues to grow stronger and stronger, there were no demands no threat. kelly will now higher a new personnel executive to help evaluate talent. make no mistake about this kelly continues to have final say is on the 53 man roster and everything else except money. in a statement kelly said i am confident about where we are heading as a team and organization, i look forward to continue working with jeffrey and howie, as well as the personnel department. this is not a one-man operation. speaking of power plays the flyers are trying to gain power in the eastern conference not even a trip to carolina one of the worst team in hockey can get the flyers going. it was into the second period against carolina. flyers down 2-0.
6:28 am
the captain goes down, claude giroux takes a skate to the back leg in the third. he is helped off the ice, he is probable for tonight's game in new jersey, he said aferldz he got lucky. the flyers needed more luck to win the game. that goal in the third not enough for the flyers, they lost 2-1. they have lost 4 straight. like the flyers, the sixers have lost four straight. michael carter williams and the sixers trying to approximate get a w and out of the funk. 17 for him last night including that 3. sixers up 2 at the half. morris nails a team. sixers lost by 16. they have dropped 4 straight. villanova in action looking to become the first team in history
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our weather is hospital on the rollercoaster. chris sowers is standing by. >> reporter: everyday we have something different. let's go live on sky 6. fun making the sef e seven-day forecast you'll see why in a few minutes or so. we have clear conditions north of the city. clouds are lowering and thickening the precipitation is moving in from the southwest. as we flip it over storm tracker 6 live double scan. the leading edge is not reaching the ground. this stuff in through here, the leading edge the air is dry so all this is evaporating before it reaches the ground. we get into the shan shannondoah valley. richmond norfolk this is
6:32 am
reaching the ground. this will push north an east over the next several hours. the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory. this precipitation will begin as a wintry mix before going over to rain. saint davids 29. buena, 28. hammonton, 26. ewing, 23. there's the winter weather advisory which goes in effect at 9:00 a.m. and stay in effect until 6:00 p.m. it is well north of the city. the city south and east, rain at times, cloudy and damp, 43 degrees we'll time everything out for you on future tracker 6. we have a huge panel change in the seven-day forecast. eva? >> thanks, chris. breaking news this morning camden police are investigating a double shooting overnight which ended with a man taking his life outside an emergency room. police say he shot and wounded a
6:33 am
woman near the intersection of marlton pike and baird boulevard. the girl's father rushed his daughter to cooper university hospital. always he was driving her there police say the shooter followed their car. when police approached the man at the hospital. they say he shot himself. the woman and the man had been in a relationship. new this morning minutes ago police say they safely resolved a showdown between s.w.a.t teams and armed man in bucks county. police say the suspect had 20 to 30 guns in the home along with his critically ill 90-year-old mother. police identified the suspect as lawrence ralph who lives on ice pond road in levittown. his niece went to the police to express concern about his mental stability. 89 police went to the home and he threatened to kill someone if
6:34 am
his mother passed away. he was taken into custody for a mental valuation his mother is being checked out at the hospital. fire burned through row homes in southwest philadelphia. red cross is providing help for 19 people displaced by the fire. a man jumped from the roof of the home. he is being treated for burns a woman for a leg injury. investigators are working to find out what sparked the fire. a 5,000-dollar reworld is being offered for a dangerous serial business. police have linked him to several robberies throughout west and southwest philadelphia. dann cuellar has the details. >> as he increases in frequency he becomes more desperate. >> reporter: the man police are looking for is cartel wright,
6:35 am
always known as kevin jones. he held up the rite aid demanding cash from the clerk. he stopped for a while and police say in august he appeared at the same rite aid demanding cash from the register. >> we can't five him. from from the 18th december up until yesterday he commits five additional robberies. >> reporter: there is the point of gun robbery at 52nd and baltimore that has police concerned. >> from the video he pulls the gun out and points at the security guard. >> reporter: police believe somebody knows him and they are hoping they will call with information on his whereabouts. >> we're trying to get him off the street and protect the people and their businesses. >> reporter: dann cuellar channel 6 "action news."
6:36 am
>> a car and new jersey state troopers collide in cumberland county. chopper 6 was over route 77 and big oak road in. two state troopers vehicles and civilian vehicle were involved in the crash. one trooper was taken to the hospital. the other trooper and the civilian driver were treated on the scene. philadelphia police released a surveillance video they think was involved in a deadly hit-and-run two days before christmas. they are hoping someone recognizes the vehicle and leads to an arrest. sharrie williams has more. >> it appears to be an orderly model vehicle like you would see in an orderly movie. >> reporter: days after a deadly hit-and-run a new clue for philadelphia police to work with. this surveillance video was captured from a business along state road in the holmesburg section tuesday. that night trellis is a posey -- teresa posey was trying
6:37 am
to cross she made it to the center lane, when the driver of an older pick up truck struck her and killed her. >> we can't tell if it's a tow truck, but it has an orderly body style. >> reporter: the vehicle has a unique shape similar to a truck from the 1960s. police hope someone will recognize the pick up and call in. >> we never stopped looking and investigating. the sooner we get information the better, that's why we're asking for the public's help. >> reporter: "action news" spoke to the family after the deadly hit-and-run. this grieving mother hopes the driver is caught. >> if anybody can please help, if you're a mother you'll know what i am going through. >> reporter: detectives telling us they are fairly certain that vehicle in the video is the striking vehicle. they say there was evidence left at the scene from the turn signal that they believe belongs to that pick up truck, of course if you know anything about this deadly hit-and-run police want to hear from you.
6:38 am
in brewytown, sharrie williams channel 6 "action news." >> the u.s.s. fort worth and russian drivers have arrived in the java sea in indonesia to help in the recovery of airasia flight 8501. 30 boaltdz were pulled from the -- bodies were pulled from the water. 162 people were on the flight. investigators are trying to confirm if two large objects spotted on the shallow sea floor are the plane. they are looking for the black boxes that hold clues to what domed the flight. the white house is fighting back against north korea in the cyber attack against sony. the sanctions will freeze assets in the u.s. and bars them from doing business here. the move is mostly symbolic, since north north korea is heavily
6:39 am
sanctioned because of its nuclear program north korea denied it's role in the cyber attack. dollar bottom will be checking out of the 66 stores in philadelphia and pittsburgh market. it informed the 2200 workers they will be getting severance pay and some will get could be counseling. there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning, the remake of a popular 1970s film is back on the big screen we'll have a preview of the gambler the. flying the friendly skies was never so much fun we'll tell you where you can take part in a quiz show and earn prizes at 30,000 feet. "action news" saturday morning continues in just a moment.
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>> let's get a check on the weather now, if you want something different this week we have something different almost everyday. >> reporter: sure, stick around, it will change. let's go live on sky of. we have a wide variety of weather. it all starts with a nice day. yesterday, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s across the area. today will be a different story as you look live at the camden water waterfront. we'll see wintry precipitation
6:43 am
at the on set and then plain rain in the early afternoon. we're showing rain down in the delaware region, washington, d.c. metro area. we're just seeing what's called verga or precipitation that's evaporating before it reaches the ground. 22 in the poconos. 32 in philadelphia. millville, 28. trenton, 27. temperatures are cold enough to support frozen precipitation. the only issue is even though ground level temperatures are below freezing, you get 5 6,000 feet up, the numbers are well above freezing. as the moisture moves in, it will start out as sleet or freezing rain north and west, but it will go over to rain as the day wears on. this is part of a larger system that's developing across heartland of the nation. you can see the heavy moisture east of oklahoma and texas. this will pull to the north 509
6:44 am
great lakes cutter. it has a trailing warm front. all this pulls north with the center w-9 low pressure. that -- with the low pressure. that runs into the great lakes. by tomorrow afternoon we could be sitting around there which jacksonville is seeing, 64 degrees. look what's going on in western canada. 35 below zero in baker lake. that low pressure that's developing across the plains that pulls that cold air down. it eaves in the mid atlantic as we get into tuesday wednesday and thursday, surface maps looks like here's the warm front that pulls to the north any wintery precipitation quickly goes over to rain. tomorrow wind out of the southwest will pull warm air up into new england. there could showers around we're talking highs in the mid 60s. monday once the cold front pulls through that's when the colder arctic air races on in.
6:45 am
wintry precipitation to start well north and west early this morning. everything goes over to rain by lunchtime. we could see periods of moderate rain there will be ponding on air roads. by 7:00. the whole area will be picking up moderate rain. 9:00. it will start to break apart. patchy fog and drizzle. sunday clouds, areas of fog and showers around. that brief mixture north and west starting around 9:00 until lunchtime. it will go over to rain. there could slick spots out there, but it should not be a big deal. tomorrow warm air surges across the eastern seaboard. we get into tuesday and beyond that bitter stuff i showed you in canada that pushes into the mid atlantic and the northeast. believe me when i tell you it gets icy cold in the seven-day forecast. rain arriving, wintry mix north
6:46 am
and west, 38 degrees in reading 37 in allen up to. -- allentown. millville, 45. the record is 68 we'll fall short of that, a fab lowlings -- fabulous day, temperature-wise, rain. monday windy and colder, 39 degrees tuesday, we could have light snow with the clipper system 32 degrees, wednesday 29 thursday, 20 degrees that's the coldest daytime high since the polar vortex, we all remember that. >> you just wants to polar vortex. >> reporter: i want to say snowstorm. >> not yet. camden county community had a special homecoming, air force
6:47 am
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in theaters this weekend gambling crime and violence and haunted mansion. tamala edwards has look at what's at the box office. >> reporter: looking for something this new year's weekend how about a movie there's crime drama and horror flick to keep you on the edge of your seat. up first the gambler. >> are you a relation. >> he is my son. >> i can't see any . >> everything okay?
6:50 am
>> nothing is okay. >> reporter: walhberg is a risk taker. language is his wealthy mother. he bets it all and offers his life as collateral. he borrows money from his mother and loan shark. this is one i would like to go so see a most violent year is a crime drama set in the new york citying in the early 80s. >> my husband is not my father, not even close. so if i were you, i would treat us with a little more respect or i guarantee he will make it his mission in life to ruin you. >> the film tells the story of an ambitious immigrant and his family during 1981, the most dangerous year in the city's history. the family tries to expand their business and capitalize as
6:51 am
violence threatens to destroy all they built. woman in black two angel of death is sequel to the 2006 horror film. [screaming]. >> it's 40 years after they investigate the first haunting. this time a group of children were taken to a remote mansion to escape world war ii london. the longer they stay in the house, the more of the awful past unravels itself and evil spirit lurks around them. a teacher does all they can to protect the children and discover the truth behind the woman in black. you can find out where any of these films are playing by using your internet-ready cell phone. if you need to download the free app, go to
6:52 am
for channel 6 "action news" i'm tamala edwards.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:54 saturday morning the day planner looks miserable especially for the western suburbs. lots of clouds, periods of rain and patchy drizzle and fog. the city itself, lots of clouds, 33. 10:00, 10:30 we pick up the rain. lunchtime, 38 degrees, raining. 2:00 p.m., periods of rain, some of it will be heavy at times. north and west it starts out as a wintery mix. the pattern change isen 0 the way. the -- is on the way. here's what december brought pacific air ran across the lower
6:55 am
48. what's going to happen it starts monday afternoon. the jet stream will look more like this. that will allow the arctic cold from the arctic circle to pull south an drop into the mid atlantic and the northeast. this will be the coldest air we've seen so far this season. it's not going to last long. after january 10th, the pattern goes back to this and we start to talk about the milder temperatures again. >> do your children love to perform? why not create a do it yourself space to showcase that talent. the designers of knock it off hell you to create a performance center for a whimsical play space. >> reporter: it's a fact that kids love to perform. why not do a stage project. for less than 100 bucks total it
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action coming up. talk about a precarious condition, a man needs rescue after getting stuck on a zip line 80 feet over a las vegas street. plus we'll have an update on the hepatitis a cases in mercer county. those stories and more when "action news" continues. (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people
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>> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m., saturday, january 3. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." all new overnight the s.w.a.t team is called after a man barricades himself inside his bucks county home anticipate keeps police at bay for hours. we have information on a blaze that hurt three people and left two dozen homeless. soggy start to saturday before the rain moves in and warm weather before the temperatures plumb he let. meteorologist chris sowers is outside with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: good morning, eva. a little bit of everything in the seven-day forecast. we'll start out with a mixed bag north and west this morning. rain for the city and record-warmth temperature as we get into tomorrow. storm tr


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